General Conditions:

Pianeojobs is located at 63 bis boulevard Bessieres, 75017 Paris, France, registered under commercial companies in Paris.

These conditions of utilization serve to define the conditions under which the members and the people visiting the website can access the platform Pianeojobs and utilize different services offered.

Every single people accessing the services offered by Pianeojobs accept and respect these conditions


Pianeojobs is a website that people can access via, it is for people looking for a job but also for recruiters looking for potential candidates, the goal is to facilitate the interaction between both but also to put them in contact.

Pianeojobs allows member to create and post their professional resume but also to find job offers and so to develop their social network by communicating with members either live or through various forums, or through various posting relating to their professional activities.

Pianeojobs is free for all the members under certain conditions:
  • You need to create an account, if you don’t you will not have access to all the services offered and you will not be able to post anything concerning your professional activities. However, you will have access to the list of job postings, but you will not be able to apply to them if you don’t create an account.
  • If a recruiter wants to access the resumes, he has to sign up as a member but also as a recruiter. This is possible by signing up as a recruiter, which force them to provide specific information as well as buying a plan for Resumes either online or through our consultants.
Pianeojobs allows recruiters to have access to a big resume database and to post job offers that will be included in Pianeojobs database.

Creating a recruiter account involves buying a plan via Pianeojobs by filling up different information.

No matter how you are using Pianeojobs (member, recruiter, visitor) you need to respect these conditions and respect the privacy policy ( which incline people to an agreement between them and Pianeojobs.

Article 1 – creating a member or recruiter account

You need to create an account in order to have access to all the services offered by Pianeojobs.

This subscription is free for members but recruiters need to subscribe for a plan

1.1 opening an account

Signing up for a member or recruiter account is reserved to people above 18 years old.

Each person can only create one account.

1.2 conditions to open an account

In order to create an account you need to fill out a form accessible online on Pianeojobs.
By filling out this form, the person needs to provide accurate and complete information regarding his name, phone number, and past/current professional activities.

Moreover, a valid email address needs to be given when filling out the form in order for Pianeojobs to validate the account. With that, the new member will receive an activation email. Pianeojobs will start working for the new member when this one will have followed everything stated in the activation email.

For a recruiter account, submitting a logo is necessary in order to have more people reading the job postings. The recruiter accepts to provide those images at the right size and in high definition in order to preserve his brand as well as Pianeojobs’s brand.

Access to the account is protected by a username and a password that members have chosen when signing up on Pianeojobs website. Members are responsible of protecting their login information and their account. Pianeojobs will not be responsible if anyone else access the accounts.

For security reasons and in order to protect our website and our members, Pianeojobs can at anytime remove an account and require a member to change his login information.

1.3 Modifications and updates

Each members can at anytime change their personal information by clicking “profil” then “edit” and by using the different services provided by Pianeojobs or by contacting our customer service

1.4 Control and sanctions

Pianeojobs can access the forms submitted by members or recruiters.

If people provide false or incomplete information, Pianeojobs will have the right to stop the contract and then remove the account in order to prevent the access to the platform for these members under article 5 conditions.

Those sanctions are also applicable at members that do not respect these utilization conditions.

Article 2 – usage of

2.1 Services for members account

All the members will respect this conditions as well as the laws of Pianeojobs.

When creating an account and utilizing the platform services, each members will give exact information regarding their profiles and will never use a false identity.

Each members will put online information respecting the conditions and not arming other members.

They will have to:
  • Provide exact information that will not arm other members, or Pianeojobs or anyone else.
  • Post information that are in accordance with reality
  • Post information that will not be obscene, violent, political, racist...
When using Pianeojobs, every members will have access to information and contents published by other members, by Pianeojobs and others.

Each members have to respect these conditions and will not have the right to use the information they find on Pianeojobs for other purposes or to repost or use information they find on Pianeojobs without having a written agreement saying they can.

The goal of Pianeojobs is to put in contact different people and to allow members to enlarge their social network via different communication tools.

Every members accept to use Pianeojobs solely for professional reasons. Members will not engage in those behaviors (non- exhaustive list):
  • Divert or try to divert services offered
  • Try to impair the good operation of the website in any ways
  • Use Pianeojobs in order to find information about members, as well as spaming email addresses with ads
  • Use Pianeojobs to sell
In case a member will not respect these rules, Pianeojobs will suspend or remove the account of the member and will not allow temporally or definitely to have access to the website.

Members can notify Pianeojobs of something they believe is going against those rules by being really precise in order for Pianeojobs to remove these information and to terminate the account of the concerned member. Any members reporting something inaccurate, will be subject to the same treatment as those violating the rules.

For instant messaging there is no control. You can contact our customer services, if you believe something is inappropriate.

2.2 utilization of the recruiter account

Recruiters need to respect the same rules as the members.

Having a recruiter account allows access to additional functions such as posting job offers and reviewing resumes on the resume database, which is subject to specific conditions.

Job postings

The job posted by the recruiters will be saved in Pianeojobs database.

In order for the job postings to be find by the members, recruiters need to respect some submissions rules:
  • A posting cannot have hidden keywords making members unsure or words having nothing to do with the job
  • A posting cannot have the name of schools, cities, countries not related to the job offer
  • A posting cannot have more than one offer or description
  • A posting cannot have false information or offers that are not serious inquiries
The recruiter will not engage in those behaviors (non-exhaustive list):
  • Use logos or brand that are not his and generally speaking use anything that is not his
  • Use his postings to redirect people to sexual website
  • Post job offers that don’t respect the rules of the country he lives in
  • Post job offers that force candidates to provide information about religion, ethnicity, origins, age, sexual orientation...
  • Use job postings to promote the commerce of human bones or anything related to the human body
  • Post job offers that promote competitors
Recruiters will exclusively use Pianeojobs for professional reasons and for no other reasons. Recruiter will not (non-exhaustive list):
  • Post offers for selling products
  • Use Pianeojobs has an advertising service for products
  • Use Pianeojobs for multi-level marketing
  • Post job offers for models, actors, or anything else relating to these fields
  • Post sexual job offers
  • Post something relating to politics
Pianeojobs will have the right to delete any information relating to these and which don’t respect the conditions.

Pianeojobs will have the right to remove the account and block every activities of the recruiter.

Access to the resume database

Recruiter subscriptions allow them to have access to Pianeojobs resume database.

Recruiter needs to respect the personal information of each member they find on the database.

Without Pianeojobs authorization, recruiters cannot give or use these information for inappropriate goals.

Recruiters engage in using these information solely for recruiting goals. The database will not be used for (non-exhaustive list):
  • Promoting products to the candidates
  • Sending emails, calling them or texting them with offers non related to the job offered
If these rules are not followed, Pianeojobs will have the right to terminate or remove the account, stop the contract and denied access to Pianeojobs services.

Article 3 – intellectual property

Pianeojobs will be the only one having access to:
  • The website
  • All the services proposed by Pianeojobs
  • The database making sure it is functional
  • All the content, graphics, database
Using Pianeojobs or being a member does not give access to the elements stated above. Members, knowing those elements, engage them at respecting those.

3.1 utilization license for members

Pianeojobs offers to each members a non exclusive license, personal and non transferable allowing them to use Pianeojobs and its services as well as the information for professional and personal usage according to the utilization conditions.

3.2 utilization license for content posted by members

Each members are the owners of the content they post on Pianeojobs. Pianeojobs has not right over these contents or other information provided by members.

However, by publishing those content online, each members allow Pianeojobs a non exclusive use of these information internationally, for free and for the time of the contract.

These usages allow Pianeojobs to modify the contents in order to adapt it according to the graphics of the website.

By publishing those, each members allow others members the access to their information and to use them in order to get in contact according to the rules of Pianeojobs.

Article 4 - confidentiality and personal information

Personal information are stored on Pianeojobs.

Pianeojobs invite his members to check

Subscription to a member account include the acceptation of these terms and are part of the contract established between members and Pianeojobs.

Article 5- timing and resiliation

5.1 Timing

The contract is accepted for a non determined time period by the members

For the case of a recruiter account, the member will have to subscribe to a plan to access the resumes. This plan will last for a year but could be modify in the subscription form that might be signed by Pianeojobs and the client.

5.2 Resiliation

Each member can stop at any time since there is no time limit, with or without a justification through our online form and will need to read everything concerning the recruiter account that might have some differences since they subscribe for a plan.

After 48 hours all the information will be deleted from Pianeojobs and the member will not have access to the website, nor to the services, and will become a visitor.

If member doesn’t respect those conditions, Pianeojobs will be able to refrain access to the website to the concerned member.

This decision will be send by email to the member so he will know that he is not respecting these rules.

If the member does not after 8 days take into consideration this notification, Pianeojobs will have the right to stop the contract without any compensation that the member could be eligible for.

If a member account is used for recruitment without paying the recruiter subscription, the account will be removed and the member will have to pay Pianeojobs 10 times the cost of all the resume he checked, the resume being charged at the maximum price.

Article 6 - responsibilities

6.1 Member responsibilities

Each members are the only responsible for the activities on their accounts and for the way they use Pianeojobs.

Members need to make sure that they know how to use their computers and that they do not have any type of viruses that could refrain them from using Pianeojobs.

Each members are responsible for all the information, contents that they post online on Pianejobs

They need to make sure that:
  • Each content they post doesn’t have viruses
  • They respect the rules of the website and each members
  • They respect the rights of Pianeojobs and any other person
The members are the only responsible for any damages caused by an information or anything else.

6.2 Pianeojobs responsibilities

Pianeojobs assure that each members will have a proper access to the website and its services

However, due to the internet services, Pianeojobs does not guaranty that the website will work all the time without interruption. Indeed, some maintenance operation could take place which will result in a temporary interruption of the services and the website. Pianeojobs will notify each members that the website will not be accessible for a limited time.

Pianeojobs will not be responsible for information published by a member that will be made publicly accessible.

Pianeojobs will not be held responsible for errors that could be contained in those information or for damages that they could cause to other members.

Pianeojobs does not have to check every single member’s identity or the way they use the platform. Also Pianeojobs will not be responsible for someone using someone else identity or for any other misuse of members’ information or others.

Pianeojobs is not responsible for consequences that could happen when meeting someone or contacting someone.

If a member is not happy with pianeojobs services it is his right to stop the contract, without asking any compensation from Pianeojobs. Pianeojobs is not responsible for any damages or bad results.

Article 7 - modification of conditions of utilizations

Pianeojobs can modify at any time those contents without notice. Each members need to check them regularly to see if any modification have taken place.