Our services

Pianeojobs is a professional network exclusively helping your career by connecting candidates and recruiters, generally speaking connecting professionals. Our website has a search engine that helps you find jobs, enlarge your network, apply to various opportunities and focuses and what you are looking for.
Pianejobs offer the member’s services conceived to help them along their professional activities.
  • Live chat
  • Internal message
  • Create and participate to various forums and conversations
  • Confidentiality parameters
  • Suggestion of profile that might match your profile or experiences
  • The possibility to apply to various jobs
  • You can receive alerts and personalized search
  • Either be active or inactive
Moreover, Pianeojobs offers specific services to companies
  • Screening all our database for free
  • Buying only the contact information you need
  • Free job postings (no recruiting agency or staffing are allowed)