Privacy Policy

1 - Information needed for signing up

In order to access pianeojobs services you need to create an account

This account require that Pianeojobs collects some personal information like your name, email address, country, and a password.

You can also tell us your past experiences, your current professional experience, where you are located, photos and videos.

Users are the only responsible of these information, including those of ethnicity, race, religion, sexual orientation, politics or anything else.

By giving up those information you acknowledge that they can be collected, transferred, manipulated, stocked, and used by pianeojobs under the condition stated in this policy.

No matter your country of origin or from where you are submitting those information, they can be used by Pianeojobs in France and every other countries where the company is represented.

Users who do not want to give up these information, will not be able to sign up with Pianeojobs and in consequence no be able to use our services.

2 - Complementary information

You can personalize your account with information imported from your email contact list, and so to help us find people you already know on the platform and to develop your network.

For every requests sent by email, we are in the right of keeping these emails as well as your email address and your contact information in order to answer your request.

3 - Session information

When you are accessing Pianeojobs from a computer, a mobile device or any other devices, our server will automatically save technical information.

These technical information could be your IP address, which pages you have visited, which keywords you have typed… other information such as a click on an ad could also be known

Those information help us to provide you with the best service we can.

4 - Public distribution of information

Most of the information you provide, are those you don’t mind being public through our website, the goal of Pianeojobs is to help our users to share their professional information with many people.

Your public information are transmitted globally and instantaneously. This way many search engines can access them and transmit them to many users and services.

Also, we advise you to carefully select the information you want to have publicly via Pianeojobs, since some of them can stay private.

5 - Change your personal information

Your personal information are yours.

You can access, change, or delete your personal information. You can do that from Pianeojobs by clicking on “profile” then “edit” and by using different tools or by writing to our customer service

6 - Conditions and reason for keeping information

The contact information of each users are stocked on Pianeojobs and saved with no limit in time. These information are secured.

Users can according to the law, ask the web developer to access, change or ask questions about these information,

Pianeojobs uses these information in order to help and to help develop your professional network.

In order to be able to do that, Pianeojobs can check if these information are accurate and up to date.

Pianeojobs will not use these information in any other ways, neither giving them up to a third entity, without having a consent by the owner. However, we can use these information to send you information about our services.

7 - Cookies

Cookies are used to help you navigate on Pianeojobs as well as providing a better and safer website.

Cookies help us to save your login username (not your password, NEVER) in order to make it easier when you are login into Pianeojobs. They also allow us to collect information on how you use our website in order to have a smoother internet traffic.

Most of our services do not use cookies, such as research or when you search for a profile. You can if you like block those cookies which can affect the way you use Pianeojobs.

8 - Sharing and transfer of information

Pianeojobs will never share your information with a third party except under exceptional circumstances:

- Agreement: we can share your personal information if you agree

- Third party: we can sometimes share these information with third parties that help us create the services we provide to you. For example the host of Pianeojobs. This sharing of information is done only if it is necessary and mandatory.

- Legal obligation: if the law or the court ask us to reveal some information such as your IP address we have to give them what they require in order to protect our users and make sure we can resolve technical problems.

- Merger and acquisition: in the case of a merger or an acquisition, Pianeojobs can share your personal information with the new owner of Pianojobs.

9 - Protecting your information

Your information are protected on our server by a fire wall.

When you are entering information such as your credit card info or your password these are encrypted using the Secure Socket Layer technology. Your device needs to have Internet Explorer 3.0 or above in order to be protected.

Pianeojobs makes sure that all your information are protected by doing everything we can to make sure that they are not used for anything else than what is stated in this policy.

However, Pianeojobs cannot control the actions of other users you have decided to share your information with. Pianeojobs cannot be held responsible for other users or people not following the rules of confidentiality and security of the website.

These can be avoided by using a difficult password for example or by having an up to date antivirus.

10 - Minors

You can use Pianeojobs only if you are 18 and above.

If you are under 18, please do not create a Pianeojobs account.

If you know someone who lied on his age and who is under 18 years old please contact us via email Once we received those information we will make sure to do what we have to do and close the account of that person.

11 - Modification of the privacy policy

Pianeojobs can change at any time this privacy policy. If we do we will send you an email or you will see an update of the webpage.

By going onto Pianeojobs and by using it after changes occur, you are agreeing to the privacy policy.

12 - Contact information

For questions or else you can contact us: