Who we are

Piana HR Group the world recruitment leader, parent of many different companies such as Vitae USA, Egor Transition, Norma Conseil, BKRH… follow a multi specialize model growing since 50 years.

The CEO of the group Jean Christophe Le Feuvre provides to his clients a complete offer of recruitment going from the regular employee to a CEO. Being international allows the company to accompany his clients through any countries and any jobs, anywhere in the world.

Piana HR Group follows their candidates through a personalized and individual process throughout their career. Piana HR Group works on 11 different industries, which allow them to collect more than 600,000 qualified resume for any type of profile. Piana HR Group has filled more than 5000 jobs in 2010 in France and more than 800 internationally.

For all these reasons and with the expertise of our team we have decided to develop Pianeojobs. Our experts decided to respond to the daily problems every candidates face when looking for a job.

The goal of Piana HR Group is to help you grow and accompany you throughout your professional career.

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